Pokemon League Challenge November 2023

Pokemon League Challenge November 2023

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Pre-Register Here for our November League Challenge, SV4 Legal!

Date: Saturday, November 18th, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM PST
Location: Wyndham Garden, 5977 Mowry Ave, Newark, CA 94560

We will be hosting this league challenge at Wyndham Garden Hotel across the street from 88 Cardhouse. We rented out a ballroom there so our max capacity is 80 players (in preparation for cup turnout in the future). Get used to the facility and shop to help prepare in advance for future cups!

Please select Local Pickup when paying here. Each participant will receive a Series 3 prize pack upon completion of all rounds (if available still). If you drop at anytime, then you don't receive the prize pack.

Masters Division Prizing:
1st - $200 store credit+ 1 SV4 Booster Box
2nd - $100 store credit
3rd - $60 store credit
4th - $40 store credit
5th-8th - $25 store credit each

Senior Division Prizing:
1st - 1x SV4 Booster Box ($100 store credit added if minimum 8 Seniors sign-up)
2nd - $50 store credit added if minimum 8 Seniors sign-up
3rd/4th - $25 store credit each (if minimum 8 Seniors sign-up)

Junior Division Prizing:
1st - 1x SV4 Booster Box ($100 store credit added if minimum 8 Juniors sign-up)
2nd - $50 store credit added if minimum 8 Juniors sign-up
3rd/4th - $25 store credit each (if minimum 8 Juniors sign-up)

Link Below to fill out registration information to complete registration:


League Challenge Information:


Thank you and good luck!